Friday, July 27, 2012

More magic as the day wore on...

The magical caterpillar (from the last post) was lingering in the beautiful gardens at the Book Barn in Niantic, CT.  I call it and indoor/outdoor book store.  There are many buildings, gardens to wander through...and lots and lots of cats sleeping in buildings and on the grounds.  Here is one of the buildings after you leave the main barn...

A gnome was resting...

 Some of the "bookshelves"
are outdoors..

This most amazing map
shows the buidlings
and lights up 
when you use
the special pen...

You can visit 
the gargoyle...

 or visit a moose..

But best of all
you visit the books!

Despite the fact people are reading on electronic devices, reading books the old fashioned way is still pretty popular...this Book Barn is busy in any season. The books are all used books do they are affordable...and despite the immense quantity and selection of books available (50,000 titles)  there are two annexes at another location down the road filled with  more categories.

We often make the store a destination point...they decorate with the season and Halloween is really splendid!  Right now there is goat on the premises, too.

Oh, yes..did I tell you we went for ice cream, too?  Next time I will show you the most delightful and quaint ice cream parlor!

Violent weather passed through. All is well here. Weekend on the way!  Enjoy it!

As always,

enjoy the day!

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Beth said...

A perfectly delightful way to spend the day!