Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Hard to believe...another year has passed.  Winter is over and we are well into spring.  Easter and Passover will be here soon. 

The weather continues to be mild and sunny.  The mid-summer temps that arrived too early have vanished. We are enjoying what I would call "an old fashioned spring."

Some of us might remember getting  new hats and spring coats for Easter.  Little white gloves, corsages for the grown up ladies for church, patent leather Mary Janes with ruffly socks...pretty hats & dresses in pastel colors...even though it could be quite cold in New England and frequently snowed. There are probably a few places where Easter is still old fashioned that way... but not in my realm. I always loved my new Easter bonnet and outfit far more than I liked a chocolate bunny!

Have a wonderful weekend however you spend it,

 as always,

enjoy the day!


The Imperfectionist said...

Such memories from when we were kids. How times have changed! Shopping for Easter dresses for my daughter always seemed to happen on the coldest, dankest of days, and I couldn't bear to buy the sweet warm weather dresses on display!

April said...

I think coloring the eggs was the thing I loved the Best! I loved the "Invisible Pen" OOOOOOOUUUUUUUU! The way you would write your name and then it would magically appear when you dipped your egg into the color.And trying to do half one color and half another color. I had to be patient. Everytime I smell white vinegar, I STILL think of coloring eggs!

Beth said...

Helen, we must have shared a childhood; I loved getting a new pair of black patent leather shoes for Easter...and wearing white gloves to Church.

My folks hid eggs for the three of us to find, and all the kids found their own parental help!

Have a Happy Easter and a joyous Spring!


Flutterby Patch said...

I always think I have a house full of cuties until I visit your place! Lovely colourful welcome to spring.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Oh look at your wonderful Easter bunnies!