Friday, April 13, 2012

Beautiful Bennington...

Every so often we wander up to Vermont and visit some of our favorite towns. One of them is Bennington. It's still vibrant, still very arty, and very much steeped in history.

As one approaches from various locales,  a large monument commands the landscape. We always wanted to see exactly where it was and so we did!

Historical homes line the road up to the monument and it is like stepping back in time.

There are wonderful shops and galleries in the old business section of town.  Couldn't help
but stop to get a photo of a dragon bicycle in front of a gallery.

It was a perfect day for looking in antique shops and to have lunch along the way. Trees and flowers are blooming way to early but  so beautiful to see!

On another note, a friend and I are exchanging  prayer flags to put outdoors and let fade as they wave in the wind. They have messages on them but they don't show up in the photos. Paper messages are great as they can disintegrate and be assimilated into the environment.

The one above is made from a piece of an old quilt that I bought many years ago at a tag sale that was filled with holes and ripped and tattered. . I have made so many things from the salvaged part of it and still have some well as a doll blanket I made...a very up-cycled quilt.

Lots of old stuff in the ones above.  These are smaller-- 5" x 8'.  I will have to take photos after the summer sun and weather alters them.

The weekend is here again...and it is Friday the 13th, one of three that will happen in 2012.

Have a lucky day,

a happy weekend, 

 and enjoy the day!


The Imperfectionist said...

Beautiful! We need to get up there more often. Such a lovely spot! Glad you had a nice time and gorgeous weather!

Shelley said...

Such a lovely place to visit...I pray one day I may get to venture up north and see some of the history our country affords. In the mean time..I thank you for sharing your ventures with us in blogland. The prayer flags are wonderful...are there any more details about them,how they were thought up etc. I am interested :)

Blessings on your weekend

April said...

Love the Dragon Bike and the Beautiful Prayer Flags you have created!! You always INSPIRE ME!!!!