Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out to lunch...

Bjork (the bed bug) has been home for the winter months...unwilling to leap into my handbag and get out and about. She preferred the cozy warmth of home to the cold  New England winter outdoors.

When I set down my handbag today in the Cuckoo's Nest Mexican Restaurant, she popped out of my bag  and comfortably settled herself on the bench...much to my surprise.  (Not to mention the diners at the next table!)

As we were waiting for lunch, I noticed she had moved elsewhere.   She had flown up to a nearby alcove and was enjoying her view of the diners while engaging a friendly lizard in conversation.

It wasn't long before she floated down and plopped in front of me and waited for a little snack of chips, salsa, and non-alcoholic beer.

Finally... she went back to my purse and took a nap after a few nibbles and a swig... and one loud burp!

After we dined on our delicious lunch--I had a spinach and mushroom enchilada--we took a long ride along the shoreline.

It is a clear, dry beautiful March day and robins are everywhere!  It's also Daylight Saving Time spring is on its way! Bjork slept all the way home and I kind of envied her ability to sleep anywhere.

As always...

enjoy the weekend....and 

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Guess she enjoyed her day out of hibernation :)bet,the food was yummy too,sounds like it :)

April said...

Oh this is Darling!!! I LOVE seeing Bjork again..I have missed her!!!! I'm surprise, though, she didn't have a frozen Margarita with extra salt and a slice of lime- maybe next time. Although I can see why bedbugs might abstain from alcohol- does something funny to the Wings!!! Love Bjork!!!