Thursday, February 09, 2012

And the rest of the show...

The rest of the Brattleboro Museum show was as wonderful as the first part which I shared in another post.

Vermont Kids Design Glass is a collaborative effort that brought together children's drawing of imaginary creatures to life.  Regional glass artists were able to create whimsical and wonderful pieces from the sketches of school children in grades kindergarten through sixth.

 The original drawings are hanging 
next to the glass and were so much fun to read!

The original glass works were auctioned 
in December 
to benefit the museum's children's programs.

Each child designer was given
a replica of the design. 
What a treat
for the kids!

There was also a wonderful video showing the pieces being made by the various glass artists.  We loved seeing the glass work take making is a beautiful art.

In addition to all that I shared with you there is a room filled with Wolf Kahn pastels which were made in the Brattleboro area...sublime!  Another gallery held the work of photographers Mary Heller and Ernest Kafka.

We will visit this gallery again in the future now that we know where it is. Right down the road  is the Tasha Tudor Museum which I love!  Brattleboro, VT is an amazingly artistic place and with one of the few Main Streets in new England that is vibrant and alive with people.  We are really glad we took the time to visit the museum. It was truly a feast for the eyes!

Meanwhile, it is pleasant and sunny as our mild winter continues.  Yesterday I saw a bunch of irises that were six inches above the ground.  This is way too early for this to happen.  Hopefully, they will not make buds yet!

As always, wherever you are,

enjoy the day!

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April said...

THIS IS OUTSTANDING!!!!!! What a MARVELOUS OPPORTUNITY for the Children!!!! I would love to have any one of these pieces myself- What a JOYFUL EXHIBIT!!! I wish every School could do this!!!!