Monday, January 30, 2012

A love of nostalgia...

Recently we were visiting an antique store in Millerton, NY, when I spotted a stack of vintage Golden Book reference books.  I always loved these little books and have several of them here in the house. They were printed in the 60's and 70's and reprinted through the 80's.

Our grand-daughter (who is completely computer literate) likes books and illustrations and particularly biological illustration.  She likes antiques, too, even though she loves her iPhone and computer. We thought she might enjoy these vintage books.

It dawned on me that maybe my talented husband could make a little book shelf to keep them in.  That way she could store them on a shelf or put them in a closet.  Maybe she will even keep them unto she has children of her own someday!


So he did make a little book case out of cherry wood.  It's custom sized and has lovely dove tailed joints.  I had him sign the bottom with his own birthday message.

 Now, I think I need one myself.


Hope your weekend was happy...

and as always,

enjoy the day!!


adeledam said...

Thanks so much for the bookcase Nan and Grandpa John! I've read so many of the books and I cherish and love them so much! Love, Adele

April said...

I cannot think of a more special gift for Adele!! What a find and then the icing on the cake is John's bookcase!!! HAHAHAHHAHA..poor John, I bet he is constantly Building..but it's his own fault for having such a fabulous talent!! The things you two collaborate on are Treasures for sure! And Happy Birthday Adele!!!

Helen Priem said...

I love presents like this ! Especially with such a wonderful bookcase ! Helen you are a creative duo ! Love it !

p.s. Happy Birthday granddaughter Adele :-)

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Yes, he needs to to do one for you too!
Lovely, just like YOU:)

Flutterby Patch said...

A very sweet idea, I love idea.