Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The zoo continued...

The prairie dogs at the Beardsley Zoo made such an impression...I am still thinking about them days later.  But, all the animals seemed wonderful to me.  They seemed very much at ease in their environments and some were real show- offs and very sociable.  

The maned wolf was an odd looking wolf... like a fox on stilts! He had amazing long ears and a big area to roam in.

 It wasn't long before he took a nap.

There were plenty of other 

"nappers in the sun."

...lazy bison


sun bathing...
near a pool

After looking at all the nappers, I was ready to take a nap myself!  But there was much more to see and it was a sparkly autumn day in Connecticut  and we had really just started.

 More to follow...
as always,

enjoy the day!


April said...

Oh My..I have never even Heard of a Maned Wolf!!! And also called the "Skunk Wolf"-so I read on your link.
And Love the pretty goats. Looks like a very enjoyable day!!!

Shelley said...

I love going to the zoo but,haven't been in a very long time....blessings