Sunday, October 02, 2011

Only in Vermont...

Whenever we go to Vermont, we are sure to see the unusual and quirky as well as the beautiful.  

We drove past a dirt road with mushrooms...which I caught from the corner of my eye.  "Turn around, I just saw something worth looking at!"

It was circle of mushrooms or toadstools made up of smaller circles of mushrooms. 

Because it was a drizzly day, they stood out against the leaves and the grass like  soldiers on a field.

Not sure what type they were but I have never seen so many in one spot before. They were truly magical.

Further down the road we saw a well-groomed but somewhat empty field.  Try as I may, I cannot imagine what this field is about. 

There are some tractors, a windmill, two totem poles and some sort of a missile.

Off to one side was a lovely old automobile...wide open to the elements... and a long line up of tractors. 

Only in Vermont...on a drizzly day...magic...nonsense!

Maybe your days be filled with magic and nonsense, too!

As always,



April said...

OHMYGOSH!!! These are the BEST Mushroom photos I have EVER SEEN!!! Some of them look like white Beefeater Hats!!! HAHAHHAHA!!! AMAZING!!!! Looks like some sort of Game or race goes in the the field...Curiouser and curiouser!!!!

Shelley said...

Those mushrooms were a sight to behold and that field has me puzzled too...I am thinking its someones grand display of their collectors items...maybe :)
Thank you so much for your very encouraging are a blessing dear friend.

Flutterby Patch said...

Hilarious. That field full mystery objects really made me smile. Like you, I can't imagine what was going on there. Eli x

derrydown said...

If this was down by the Manchester area, it might be Donnie Dorr's collection of vintage tractors! It's quite a sight.

DollZandThingZ said...

Derrydown, I think you are right! Thanks for solving the mystery!

Vintage Fairy Tales Becky said...

My parents picked that kind of mushrooms and we ate my childhood,
that's probably the reason why I became a bit weird:)

Lena said...

Oh someday! I would love to visit Vermont. Everyone I know has loved it there.

You take so many interesting trips here and there, Helen!