Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

After a warm and humid  weekend, we woke up to a very cool and breezy temperature of 60 degrees! We turned off the a/c and discovered it is much cooler outside. Looks like a week of rain and cooler temperatures ahead.

We were in in Rhode Island over the weekend, and stopped for breakfast.  Bjork the bedbug saw a photo op....so we took some photos.

We wish we could have gone for a ride in this truck...but it was on display at Knight's Farm.

The weekend flew by...and so did summer.  However, we really have a few weeks of summer left.  Hopefully, no earthquakes...hurricanes...tornadoes.  It has been an strange summer for weather.  We happened to pass through the area outside of Sturbridge, MA, where the tornado passed through earlier this year in June, and the devastation is jaw dropping.  This was after the massive snowstorms and blizzards of last winner.  Hoping for less weather excitement for all of us everywhere.

As always,

Enjoy the day!

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April said...

Thank Goodness, it's cooler here too!!!
Bjork looks so cute- did she indulge in any ice cream at Knight's Farm? Love the photos of the pumpkins at the Farm too! Oh could FALL really be close by??!!!