Friday, September 09, 2011

After almost five  days of rain we were getting ready to row away.  (In fact parts of CT are under flood conditions but not near me.) Then, instantly, the sun came out as if it had never rained!

So, now we have the delightful weather that we missed all summer--go figure.  However, it's dark when we awaken and dark early in the evening now. We know that autumn is really on its way.

The "rain" was a good time to get caught up on things and a time of introspection.  Enjoying the day is not just about having fun, of course.  Life is a mixture of all sorts of experiences and emotions.  For me, it is also time to reflect and sort through my thoughts.

Today is a new day and will be a sunny one.  Wherever you are, I hope that my dear readers will have some decent weather.  I know that some of you are suffering from the effects of heat and smoke in Texas I think of you and hope for the best.

And as always...

hoping you have a good weekend...


enjoy the day!


April said...

Little Bjork looks so cute in her canoe!! Our Fall has not yet's still warm but NOT HOT HOT and the nights have been cool. But boy oh boy..I am ready for the Mosquitoes to BUZZ OFF!!! I guess they are having their Last Hurrahs before cool weather sets in. Ah, Fall..I can't wait!

AngelMc said...

I'm almost out of hibernation. The weather has been significantly cooler here.
And as soon as I get my lap top fixed, I'll be back blogging.
Enjoyed catching up with you.
Love you!!!