Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting it out...

Here is an excerpt from a letter I wrote a friend who lives in a state where I think they don't get too many hurricanes. It pretty much sums up what is happening here.

"The hurricane will arrive here Sunday afternoon around 5:00 pm, in our area, if it stays on track.

We will start getting the winds and rain earlier, of course. There was a terrible hurricane in CT in 1938, that they still talk much damage and many deaths. The prediction is that this will be on par with that one. Sigh.

I am a veteran of many hurricanes growing up in Florida and several big ones up here. Have NOT been in one quite this big for a long time and not looking forward to it.

It takes a while for a hurricane to leave as it rotates and spins. The wind comes in bands with periods of sun in between. It could "stall" and create some overland damage if it is slow moving.

A big concern is loss of utilities, including water, phone service, electricity and internet..which means gas stations might be closed, etc.

The BIGGEST concern is that we have had a lot of rain and the ground is saturated. Winds can pick up old trees and move them...drop them on houses, buildings, etc.

Roofs can blow off, windows can break.

That beautiful place we visited..the Seaport in Mystic will definitely sustain damage...everything will on the coast. They started emergency preparations today.

All we can do is wait it out...and hope it moves out to sea or loses steam along the way. "


memorable week.

Wishing everyone well...

enjoy the day!


Helen Priem said...

You and all the people on the East coast will be in my thoughts.

April said...

I love you and will be thinking of you every minute...actually WE ARE ALREADY!!!! We are keeping a close "Eye" on the storm and will keep our hopes and wishes handy that you and your family, and all people involved, get through this without any big problems!

Beth said...

Helen, you have been in my thoughts today, and my prayers are with you and everyone in the path of Irene. Be safe.