Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never a dull moment...

It's finally nice enough to go outside. Poor Hannah, the needle felted Belted Galloway cow, has spent the better part of the summer in air conditioning... and no traveling!

Surveying the crops, she noticed the tomatoes hiding behind the leaves!

The pink flamingos did a good job and kept away the marauding squirrels...who like to dig up the flower boxes and containers burying food they will never remember to dig up later...

The herb garden thrived...and we have enjoyed being able to use them every day despite the hot weather. They seemed to thrive in it!
Maybe because Winnie the pooh helped the flamingos?

Yesterday we felt an earthquake in CT. This coming weekend there is a possibility of a hurricane sending some bad weather this way. Never a dull moment in New England! With temps in the 50's the past few mornings, it has been fantastic "sleeping weather" so I am not complaining.

How is your week going? So far, so good here...the week is still young!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

So glad to see Hannah was able to get out and play a bit :) Your garden look lovely. We finely got some decent rainfall last evening and it perked things up a bit around here. I am so thankful. I am praying this means a change for us to lesser temps and more rain. Blessings

April said...

Well... Pooh Obviously heard a funny joke from Hannah because he's laughing!!! Oh your plants are just gorgeous!!! Hannah looks so happy to be outside on a pretty day!