Friday, March 04, 2011

Little critters...

A dear blogging friend asked recently if Edie ever gets to meet the critters that seem to invade our household. Well, yes, she does. In fact, there is a serious case of over-crowding!

As some of you may know, I have been drawing little figures that I call "be happy" for almost a decade. Figures similar to mine are everywhere now. It is like a collective unconscious thing...but I do know where mine originated. Many years ago, there was special little book out by a brilliant artist named
Rie Anahara.

I fell in love with Anano Bear and bought the Japanese books a long time ago. They were pricey but are even pricier now. I would love to say my figures just sprang from my own imagination but they didn't. I was inspired by Anano and started drawing all kinds of bears, cats and other creatures. Many artists make and sell very similar animals to Anano but I wonder if they know the origins of these sweet little animals? I discovered Anano in 1998 on the internet.

Do you have a favorite artist who influences and informs your work?

Of course, I have made my own little figures based on the particular character I draw most. I had one here for years but it seems to have become lost in the shuffle. It sat on the lap of this doll but must have fallen off. Over the years she has had many dolls on her lap. I am working on another velveteen figure which I hope to finish today.

Is it the weekend yet? Yes, it is nearly here. Hope that you will have a good one! As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Love all those sweet critters....blessings

Flutterby Patch said...

How sweet. I've never heard of Anana Bear but agree, it's a real cutie. You certainly have a very diverse collection.

April said...

I love all your Critters!!! OOOUUUHHHHHH...who is the white bear next to Velveteen Bear???? I haven't seen that one, have I???
I am inspired by So Many things- Beatrix Potter and her Animal Characters dressed in their wonderful costumes....Walt Disney and all the old fairy Tales. I have built Snow White's cottage(In various guises) so many times for Puppet Shows- it is my Favorite!Too many inspirations to name!!! LOVE YOUR FAMILY OF Dolls and Animals!!!!

Christine LeFever said...

Ah yes, the over-crowding syndrome. Love it! Your little friends are all adorable, and of course, so is Anano Bear, of whom, until this post, I had never heard of. Your work is still purely yours, and indeed, I agree that the collective consciousness puts the same wonders at everyone's fingertips, each with her own godlike interpretation. Forever a joy to visit you, dear and wonderful Helen.