Monday, February 28, 2011

Thinking ahead...

As luck would have it, it snowed again this weekend! Since we already have several feet of snow on the ground, it was rather annoying. Today it is pouring so it will wash away some snow. We couldn't help but notice how a local river is running very high. We live high on a hill so this is not a worry for us. But, there will be flooding and basement flooding for certain if this snow melts too quickly.

Since we stayed in most of the weekend, I worked on a few things this weekend. Here is a bunny made from cream colored felt. I am very pleased with the result. Although I love painting and drawing, sewing, and needle-felting, I really enjoy good old fashioned felt.

Of course, I am thinking ahead to spring and all the celebrations that come with it. Today is the last day of February. Now the days are longer and there is much more light!

Are you making anything? Have you made or collected any new dolls or animals? Have you been here? This is the CUTEST doll at one of my favorite blogs. Beth's work is wonderful...and it certainly makes me think spring!

Back to work here...and another cup of coffee! As always,

enjoy the day!


Nancy said...

Rain is always so hopeful! And, longer days, cannot praise them enough. It was light at 6:15 still last night!

Am I making anything? Still reworking my toothbrush rug AND the biggest news, I found a 1970s adjustable loom in my stash that I can use to make ribbon loop fringe.

The best for last...LOVE felt. There is just something so organic and soothing. Your bunny is too sweet, and reminds me spring is almost here, yay! (P.S. we still have icy frost on the deck mornings in CA.)

Flutterby Patch said...

What a talented lot you are across the pond. I never cease to be amazed at your various skills. Love this little bunnny.

jim-brecht said...

OH I ADORE THE FELT BUNNY!!!! Darling!!! See- you can make Spring even if you still have Snow outside your window!
I also love Beth's AMAZING little bunny girl (Such an outfit!!)and the forest scene with the mushrooms and Owl- Wonderful!!! Everything so Cheery!!! Thank-you, Helen!!!

Beth said...

Helen, your felt bunny is a dear :-) Felt is such a satisfying material to work with, and a joy to embroider on.

And thank you for such kind words on my blog; what a sweet surprise.


Zaa said...

Snow snow snow... makes for great work days.... and isn't it nice that bunny came out to play on such a snowy day..He's adorable...maybe we should wish for more snowy days..then what would you make? Sweet Work..

Elizabeth said...

Love the felt bunny, is he made of wool felt? I've had a hard time finding wood felt only polyester.
I live in IL and the snow has melted and today I noticed tulips and day lilies up. Wonderful sign. Hope your snow melts soon.