Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's December first!

It's December first....and I have been busy! I am back to needle felting after a brief vacation away from it with tendinitis. Now I have a brace I can wear to prevent future problems. So far so good.

When I was mentioning some of the joys of "grandparenthood" I did not mention one important component. Whenever you go to child-oriented places in winter, you receive a cold as a free gift! The grandfather, Mr. Dollzandthingz, has it but I have escaped it so far. Can anyone TRULY escape it when you there are just two of you living in a tiny house? Doubtful! So, I am hoping for the best...

Today, our tiny Hank gets his teeth cleaned. He weighs 4.0 pounds. Last year he weighed 4.3 pounds. He is getting older. This is a tough day for me because he has to undergo anesthesia. Most Yorkies are born with teeth that will always need to be cleaned...and he is no exception. My other Yorkie (who lived to be 20!) had no teeth at all at the end of her life even though we had our annual cleaning. So it goes.

Off to the vet soon. As always,

enjoy the day!


Beth said...

Happy December! We have a dusting of snow on the ground. Snow is lovely, as long as you don't have to drive in it!

Poor Hank, and poor you! I'm sure his smile will sparkle when you get back from the Vet :-) Take care! Here's hoping your don't get sick...I know how this goes.


April said...

LOVE THE GNOMES!!!!! They are such a terrific crew- holding their ATC cards!!!
HAHAHA...HANK is helping you with the Blog...what a Cutie!!! The Mr. here is at the Dentist right now! Maybe they will see each other! I remember, when the kids were little, they used to get a ring or a small prize after the Dentist! The choice was always VERY Exciting and Important! Now we get a toohbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Fine...but I would rather have a RING!!! Does Hank get to pick a treat?

Lena said...

Oh, those gnomes have turned out wonderful Helen!

I'm sure all will be fine with Hank, but I do know how you feel. Our animal friends seem so helpless at these times, and our hearts surely go out to them.

A happy day to you!