Monday, November 01, 2010

Some doll thingz...

Many people who make cloth dolls know the books by Estelle Ansley Worrell. In the 1970's she published THE DOLL BOOK and THE DOLL HOUSE BOOK. In the 1970's, the clothing patterns were great because they fit fashion dolls like Barbie and other dolls as well.

She published other works, too. Here is a another book below. She also published books on historical clothing for children. (I have managed to collect most of her books and am currently waiting for one more to complete my collection.)

Some of her patterns appeared in Doll Reader magazine Make and Dress Volume 1 in 1983.

When I met a new friend last week, she brought me a doll she made. I knew right away who this doll was!
Thank you Michelle!

I made the doll myself years ago--I dressed it in ruffles and sent it off as a gift. It is the doll in the bottom in the photo below.

Because I study dolls from Edith Flack Ackley patterns, I came to know the work of Louise Stevens from MA. In fact, I was able to purchase several of her Ackley pattern dolls. At a doll show a few years ago, I spotted a Worrell doll made by Louise Stevens. I knew immediately who made it since the little purses were her signature motif.

Here is an original Worrell doll with her label inside that I found several years ago online.

Because she was lonely, I found her a husband and some children online in an auction.

It always delights me when I recognize one of her patterns. I hope that she knows how beloved her books and patterns have become to doll makers.

That was probably more than you wanted to know. But for the cloth doll lovers out there, I hope I have shared info of interest and given some credit to a truly wonderful doll maker and designer whose books have benefited many doll makers.

Happy is November!

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Enjoyed your post...such sweet dolls...blessings

April said...

This is Wonderful! Either you need to write a book or have more posts like this- Totally Enchanting!!! I CANNOT believe your knowledge and ALL THE DOLLS you have created and collected!!!

Beth said...

This was a lovely post; the dolls are so charming :-) For those of us who love these dolls, you could NEVER share too much information.