Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A little more....

The same day I posted about waiting for a book, it arrived. I was unaware of this title and thought it would be great to see the Worrell dolls in color photos.

As I was looking through the book, I realized that I may own one of the dolls featured in the book. I have always thought this doll was missing a cape or coat since she was carrying a muff. I also wondered why she was wearing blue shoes and had no other blue clothing on her.

When I purchased the doll in an online auction, I had no idea it was made by Worrell herself until I saw the label.

A friend wrote to me after seeing the post and told me that she had met the author/doll maker and it was delightful story.

It is amazing how things come together. Ten years ago I started studying dolls. Who would have thought there would be so many connections? In addition to this, my new friend who gave me the Worrell baby doll in the original post sent me a link to a book store on line. Coincidentally, it is the same place I bought the Puppendoll books many years ago.

On another note, it is very cool 29F this morning. Yesterday I heard Christmas carols when I was shopping. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not so far away...just like that!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Dawn said...

What a fun post! I have been a big Estelle Ansley Worrell fan since her books were new. I fell in love with The Dollhouse Book and then The Doll Book. I used to check them out of the library over and over when I was 12 or so. Then in my teens I discovered Dolls, Puppedolls and Teddy Bears. Same thing with it. I'll bet the librarians wondered why I had to have it week after week. When I discovered that you could buy vintage books online these were among the first I bought.

It is so cool that you bought one of her dolls and then discovered it in the book! I hadn't heard of that particular book. I'll be looking for it now.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute post. I love the way you have your new little dollie propted up look at the doll book!

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn :)