Friday, November 12, 2010

Norman Gnomeman and the haycorns....

Norman Gnomeman arrives!

Look who arrived at our house!

It is Norman Gnomeman!

What's inside this vintage tin?

Norman Gnomeman looks inside!

Teeny tiny haycorns!

A parcel arrived in the mail yesterday. Meet Mr. Norman Gnomeman. At least, that is what he told me his name is. Miss April surprised me with this. Thank you so much...he has already become a constant companion and loves to be photographed. I can hardly wait to see what he will do next!

The weekend is around the corner and I am behind, behind, behind. Instead of creating, I was busy watching old movies ...and now it is time to get out of slug mode! Did I ever tell you I am a film buff? Well, watching movies and needle felting is a dangerous sport. One must keep the eye on the needle...not the screen! So, back to work for me !

Happy weekend,

and and as always,

enjoy the day!


Anonymous said...

oooooh whatcha gonna do with those? I've been collecting the little faery hats too. I've been thinking of felting some little people to adorn trees. Maybe sewing... because i am unsure of a reasonable place to get felt. BTW Norman is a good looking fellow!

Anne Marie

April said...

What a Happy home for Norman! He looks like he wants to dive into the our kids used to dive into the colorful balls at Showbiz Pizza!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, Beware of needle felting and watching Old movies!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Norman is a very popular type of gnome in my area too!
Love the vintage tin and what´s inside!
Have you seen the "haycorn hats" with felted corns inside?
I have seen them on Etsy and they look really nice.
Have a great Sunday

Anonymous said...

Adorable thank you for coming by..time is moving fast or I am just getting old and slow~!