Friday, October 15, 2010

Tiny treasures...

What sort of stories could these treasures tell?

Nancy Ann with a new friend.

The wonderful, nostalgic goodies were sent to me by "Gramma" over at Martha and Jane (which you should visit and see the murder mystery in progress!)
She visited an estate sale and we think that someone must have had our kind of sense of whimsy because there were interesting collectibles galore! There is much eye candy here and tales to unfold...and everything fits in quite nicely here where dolls love to play and tells their stories.

It is raining here like a monsoon. After a terribly dry summer and fall, we are getting the rain we should have had long ago before crops and flowers perished from the high heat and dry conditions. Well, we need it badly so no complaints from me.

Any plans for your weekend? The leaves are finally peaking in color in our area so I think we need to get out there and enjoy them before the rain and wind cause them to drop.

As always,

happy weekend

and enjoy the day!


April said...

Nancy Ann looks so sweet with the little donkey!!! I am delighted she was able to visit such a Competant doctor and have her arm repaired!!!

Friends of Helen: She is thinking of opening an Etsy shop!!! WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK???!!!!!!!

Beth said...

An Etsy shop would be cool! Love the little Nancy Ann Storybook doll; what a little treasure :-)


Ravenhill said...

Oh, Nancy Ann is a little darling!
emily xo

AngelMc said...

Love the dolls.
Please send some of the rain this way, it is sooo dry.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me know about my blog cute creations wow!