Friday, September 10, 2010

Where in the world is Edie?

Several readers have asked me a question:

"Where's Edie?"

Before Hannah, Hitty and other travel dolls, Edie was my faithful companion for a decade. She has had some adventures for sure!

Before this blog, I kept another blog for many years. Several readers know Edie from many years ago.

Since Hannah arrived, Edie has been spending more time at home. At 4 inches tall, she is always in danger of FOGL. (That is what I named Fear of Getting Lost many years ago on a travel doll list.)

Well, recently, we acquired a new tea set for Edie. She is showing it off to her little Ackley relatives above. She lives where I can keep an eye on her where I create art and dolls. She says hello to all of you and that she hopes to appear a little more often in the future.

Meanwhile, the week is nearly over. It was a poignant week here as my DH lost a friend of 40 plus years. We are reminded again of the fragility of life and why we need to "enjoy the day" despite what is going on around us and the world in general.

After relentless heat, the high was 72F yesterday. I look forward to walking again in the cooler autumn air. The play of light on clouds this time of year always delights me. I do not mind clouds at all.

As always,

happy weekend...

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

Nice to meet Edie...she looks very contend...hope to see more of her...on another sorry for the loss of your husband's long time is so hard to say goodbye....blessings

April said...

Edie! So lovely to see you again my dear! What a beautiful new tea set and on top of an elegant tea cart! May I come and have tea with you? I like half and half and sugar with my tea, please.

Dawn said...

It was so nice to see our girl again. Sara and I have been missing her. She looks comfortable hanging out with her Ackley friends.