Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love Lucy!

A dear friend and I refer to ourselves as Ethel and Lucy. Imagine my surprise, when a package arrived and a tiny Lucy was in it!
How could I resist setting up this photo shoot? Lucy was made by the same artist who made Marcel Proust. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lucy!

Lest you think that my life is all dolls and day trips, trust me when I say I say that it is mostly mundane. I like to focus on the more interesting parts here since the world itself supplies us each day with enough grief and angst to ponder.

Today I am anticipating the arrival of a new fridge. Who knew that the "shelf life" of a fridge was only ten years? We are just two people...we didn't abuse it! It looks brand new at twelve but has developed a leak in the defrosting system. It sits in its side-by-side splendor complete with water dispenser awaiting it's trip out of here. Au revoir!

In its place will be a another double door with the freezer in the bottom and NO water dispenser. Needless to say it is like skim pay MORE for less. (Had to special order it. Almost all bottom freezers have water dispensers.) However, I am secretly gleeful. I am of the generation that feels very grateful when she gets a new appliance.

Think about it...the frozen food and other food will go in the cooler for the "transfer." A path has been cleared for ease of delivery. Nothing is simple any more!

So, what mundane or interesting thing will happen to you today? As always,

enjoy the day!


Uneekdolldesigns said...

What a fun posting! I am so glad you enjoyed Lucy, she is one of my favorites to make! :)

April said...

We LOVE your dolls, Uneekdolldesigns!!
I LOVE the photo shoot too- so CLEVER!!!
Where the heck is the photo of the new Fridge? I want to OOOUUUHHHHHHH and AHHHHHHHHHH! I am excited about new appliances too so let's see!!!!

Dawn said...

Lucy is great! We got a new washer this week. The old one was working great and then just fell apart. I'm enjoying my new appliance, too.

I have that same Frida card.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

New refrigerator! Always great to get new appliances! We just purchased yesterday two twin bed mattress sets and a queen bed mattress set. I bet we will sleep good now. It will be interesting when they deliver them next week and when they will have to bring them up stairs a "few steps." The will be huffing and puffing I bet.

Your post is always fun! Thank you for sharing! :) Carolyn

Christine LeFever said...

Well I'm jealous! I long for a double door fridge with the freezer at the bottom. But I do want a water dispenser, having never had one. Enjoy and congrats!!!