Monday, August 02, 2010

Think snow...

There is a little florist shop a few blocks from here. It is near the train station where the train stops several times a day. While waiting, here is what people see.

During this hot summer, it has been fun to see this bit of humor.

In the other window, there are some huge sunflowers made from crepe paper that I really like.

What I like best is the fact these are creative windows that someone has put together by hand. It is refreshing to see a window that isn't a cookie cutter style in a big box store!

We have had several days where it has hovered in the high 80's and not made it to 90. But, the humidity has crept back in...just in time for August dog days! Ever wonder why they are called that? Look here. It has to do with the dog star Sirius.

Stay cool, happy Monday...

enjoy the day!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute!!!! Love the windows! Carolyn

April said...

Uh Oh..I read aloud the history of the Dog Days and Henry, especially, did NOT like the part about Romans sacrificing brown dogs! Betty was okay with it cause she figured they were boy dogs and Mack didn't understand a word I said....being the hyper Terrier he is!
Great Windows..Ouuhhh, those Penguins look so nice and COOL!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I am back, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog---It printed just fine!! But when I go on your blog I couldn't find your email button so I thought I would leave you another comment on your blog. If you could email me then I would beable to write to you that way also. My email will be in my profile I think!!! I hope anyway. Carolyn