Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Monkey business...

Work in progress....

It has been a few decades since I made a sock monkey. Forgot how much fun they are to make.

A friend has adopted a sweet baby daughter so I want to make her a really colorful sock monkey.

You know who makes wonderful sock monkeys? Peng Peng. She dyes the socks, uses vintage fabrics and creates the most wondrous creatures. If you haven't visited her blog, there is a link on the right in "places to visit."

Normally. I make tiny sock monkeys out of needle felt but they are not appropriate for child play. I will be careful with embellishments on this one---no buttons or things that can be taken off by a baby.

On another note, the humidity returned. The only difference is that it usually is humid the first two weeks of August...not the entire summer.

Despite that, I know there are people who are really suffering from the heat in other parts of the country--and the world. My hope/wish is for them to get some relief soon.

As always...

enjoy the day!

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April said...

What a DELICIOUS photo!!! Favorite colors! and a Darling monkey waiting happily in a beautiful basket!!! OH I LOVE IT! What a LUCKY BABY!!!!