Thursday, August 12, 2010

A surprise!

This has been a birthday filled with surprises! One of the best ones--which I want to share with you-- is related to those rascals over at Martha and Jane where there is a special GIVEAWAY in honor of my birthday!

Well, the chief rascal is April, who is the most imaginative and creative soul! She and I are responsible for Martha and Jane but she has done all the heavy lifting. My doll is visiting her doll this summer and she they have been having excellent adventures. As a professional puppeteer, she sure knows how to make our Weberpal characters come to life!

But, at the same time, April has been creating art work for a library AND for me! She does this in the hottest of weather in Arkansas where the heat wave has been relentless. She walks three great big dogs every day, too.

This morning I opened a very special gift from her!

Also, she has created this for the giveaway! Visit here! I had no idea about any of this as she has been sending me the story line to post and I didn't open it until this morning.

So, merci beaucoup from Tante Helen. As some readers know, I adore the Beltie but also adore donkeys. I try to photograph them whenever I can. If I were a rich girl, I would own a donkey, and alpaca and a Beltie. When I was a young girl--and not a rich girl--I did have a burro named Pancho and have loved them ever since. Donkey, burro, dinky...I love them all. So look what April made! WOW!

We are both tea drinkers...she made this very special donkey box with a needle felted mushroom. I am a LUCKY birthday girl.

My friends and family have been so very generous and thoughtful. I am overwhelmed! DH gave me an daughter gave me a friends and family gave me some wonderful, wonderful gifts...and lots and lots of love.

Even an older (woman of a certain age!) birthday girl can still have a great a child!


Enjoy the day!


Beth said...

Happy Birthday, dear Helen! It is still a wonderful world, when surrounded by such friends and family.

Have a wonderful day!


April said...

Oh my..I feel like it's my birthday because of all the love and happiness you have given me. Have a Glorious Day, my dearest friend!A Toast to you!Happy Birthday Tante Helen!

Christine LeFever said...

Well happy belated birthday, Girl! You scored.

AngelMc said...

Oh My Goodness!! We are sorry we missed your birthday. So we are wishing you extra special happiness, and many many more happy birthdays.
Angel, CiCi and GinGin.