Friday, August 13, 2010

Lazy, hazy days...

It is hard to imagine that any animal would want to nap on a hot shingled roof, but I have a visiting mourning dove who frequently naps outside the window when I am sewing. It is not bothered by the hum of my Featherweight or the radio going.

Then we have the squirrels. We have recently changed over to a bird feeder that will not allow them any form of entry. This is after they went through about 4o pounds of bird feed in our other feeder.

This one has a weighted spring action on the perch and won't allow any large birds on it either. The perch will collapse at a certain weight. We moved the older feeder down to ground level and they can knock themselves out with that one and let the songbirds near the deck.

It is amazing how no attempts have been made to access this new feeder. Squirrels are smarter than one would think. They are also little piggies and deck railing nappers!

My apologies for photos taken through the screen in the windows. They are blurry, of course.

So, summer is mellowing and we have had a day or two where it hasn't reached 90F degrees. There is still a lack of rain but the days are getting shorter so it feels cooler even though it probably isn't!

As for me, I am recovering from my very happy birthday and want to say thank you to everyone for wishes, gifts, sharing my birthday!

As the weekend rolls around once more,

enjoy the day...

and happy weekend!

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