Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peace instead of road rage...

While strolling through Millbrook, we decided to visit the Farmer's Market. As we turned the corner, we met Conrad who has started a movement to eradicate/lessen road rage called Pax Nobiscum. Instead of using the middle finger with anger, he suggests using a peace sign.

You can read about what inspired him here. We were very happy to talk to him. He has the support of many notable people and he has performed with Pete Seeger whom he has been friends with for many years. We see a great deal of "road rage" when we travel about, so we could relate.

One of the nicest aspects of traveling through New England is talking to people. It adds another layer to a location and I must say that we have met some wonderful people in our travels.

Now if people would also stop texting/playing games while driving...stop making phone calls while driving...would get off the phone when they are crossing the street, the world would be a safer place.

On another note, the heat wave continues. Our electricity bill arrived and we noted that is was the highest one ever. Nevertheless, I am very, very grateful for a/c.

Busy day ahead, so for now,

enjoy the day!

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