Monday, August 09, 2010

A day without humidity...

A day without humidity

has been a quite rare
this summer.

It was a beautiful

day in Millbrook.

These were very far away

but my watchful eye

can spot them anywhere!

After a a delicious breakfast in the local diner, we were out and about and off to the Farmer's Market. We met some interesting people...more on that later.

Meanwhile, the humidity wandered right back in and so did the high temperatures on Sunday. August dog days...which we have had all summer...are back in full swing.

Happy Monday...

enjoy the day!


dulce said...

Happy Monday to you TOO!


April said...

I am going to close my eyes and make a WISH to be standing next to you in that photo so we can walk into the Antiques shop and look around. Then we'll go by Wing's Castle (Love the older blog photo) and then have a delicious lunch in the diner...and wave to the Belties! Can't forget that! How DARLING YOU ARE!!!

AngelMc said...

You always post the best pix. And you have best weekends of anybody I know. I always look forward on Monday to see what you did the weekend past.