Friday, August 27, 2010


In my work area,
sometimes the supplies
emerge as art.

I am frequently

and distracted

by my tools.

Stacked paper
seems architectural.

Angles are formed
and patterns

Repetition of line
and form
my work
and my day.

Good morning, dear reader. As I was sipping morning coffee I looked across the room at what was once a dining area... and now is a work space.

No fancy studio here. Our whole house would fit into some of the studios I see in blogs and magazines.

However, a small workplace should never stop anybody from creating.

I blog but my life is not like a blog photo. Every room in our house is used to the max. We also cook and eat meals in this room, drink tea and coffee, and like so many homes, the kitchen is the hub of our home. Luckily we seldom entertain at home and we are at the point in life where we know longer care about "what people think" or what the Jones might be doing! There is a creative freedom in that.

What kind of patterns do you see in your environment? Look around. You might see patterns emerge you were not aware of. Do you have a favorite place that makes you feel creative...or really makes you feel "at home."

It's Friday. Another week has flown by.

As always,

happy weekend


enjoy the day!

P.S. Hot off the press! Martha and Jane have updated their blog! Don't miss this exciting installment!


AngelMc said...

One time I bought some water color pencils. I don't think I ever used them, but they gave me so much joy just looking at them...then #4 came along..she loved them...I have no idea what happened to them.

April said...

I love all the patterns...the pin cushion is a work of art in itself and the pipe cleaners look like sea creatures!I feel at home everywhere in our home- it's messy and filled with stuff that makes everywhere a cozy nest. I feel at home whenever I wake up,have my tea in one hand and my chocolate covered cranberries in the other and sit down to see E-Mails from you!

Flutterby Patch said...

Love this post. It's made me want to look at my working 'mess' with fresh eyes. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm often inspired by my crafting supplies, and try to keep many of them out where I can see them, or in glass containers. I especially love seeing the colors of embroidery threads, in a basket, or lace against a harder texture, things like that.

I know, the blogging world sometimes becomes too much for me, and I retreat for awhile....back to my little house and more homely things. I think that for the most part, that is reflected in the blogs I continue to read. Ones where the lives seem a bit more balanced, and about so much more than "stuff"....although, we all have things, especially if we enjoy making art, or crafting.