Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I keep passing this shelf...they keep calling to me. "Could we have some attention, please?"

The dolls in this house have basically been ignored for quite a while. You would think they would remain pristine and lined up in perfect order.

Not really. They get dusty, they seem to move around, and I am sure there are doll parties of all types when we are out of the room!

Actually, I am the culprit. I borrow a chair from under a doll or use one to model for a drawing or photo
and put it back willy-nilly and telling myself that I need to dust, move them back in order...soon.

Do you ever find yourself with lots of things to do that you have you put off? Has this hot, muggy summer left you feeling the need to get organized once more?

Even though it has been decades since I had small children in school, I still feel the same feeling as September approaches: time to prepare for fall/winter and out of lazy mode!

Yesterday I found myself out shopping from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Due to crossed wires, I ended being out with friends and family in two separate jaunts one right after the other.

Had so much fun, but looking around today, I can see some time needs to be spent on needed housework.

It is cooler today and time to get going. So, wish me luck and as always,

enjoy the day!


Christine LeFever said...

Energized is what you got yesterday. Up and at 'em, Girl!




April said...

Even though our weather is still hot here in Little Rock, I feel Exactly as you say! It's almost like Fall prepare for cooler weather and get everything tidy and organized because holidays are coming and blankets and candles and warm drinks...Oh my favortie time of year!

AngelMc said...

It was a balmy 90 degrees here in MS today. It was not humid, the wind was blowing and it felt wonderful. It was the first time in months when I walked outside after work that I didn't feel like my breath was being sucked out of me.
I have been using the heat as an excuse not to clean out the garage...I'm excited that fall will soon be on the way...and I hope it snows every day the month of December!!!!!

AngelMc said...

Oh and I hope you have a great weekend!!! Squeeze Hank for me..CiCi and GinGin said to tell him hi too.