Monday, March 22, 2010

Millpond in a ghost town...

that was once pristine and has gone to disrepair. It was the dream of a businessman who created a small town from original and "imported" buildings from other parts of New England.

In 2000, it went up for sale. Once a thriving summer community, nearby there were dozens of
summer resorts that are mostly now gone, too.

The original millpond is on the property. As we were passing by it, the water sparkled in the sun. We were treated to 70 degree temperatures in March and it felt like summer.

The sun made the water look like jewels.
A lone robin was sunning itself near the water.

Every time I see another landmark
going to ruin
it breaks my heart. When I have been to other countries, I have noticed there is less bulldozing, more maintenance of properties and a different value set on old buildings. I am so sentimental..
I like to see old buildings maintained.

The buildings may be decaying
but the pond shines brightly
and the robin heralds spring.
Life still comes alive in the spring
when the snow melts and the sun shines bright.

Wishing you a happy Monday..
and a happy spring
...enjoy the day!


April said...

So many beautiful old things are disappearing from our lives...thank goodness for the dedicated, enthusiastic artists and craftsmen still lovingly creating hand-made, lasting works from their hearts- with talent and expertise. And thank goodness there is still the beauty you have captured in your photos.

Eli said...

What a shame! I recently saw a lovely town in the US that was originally a mining community in the 19th century and it was completely deserted. The houses were full of character and it seemed such a waste for it not to be lived. Here in England it would have been bought by some Trust or other and converted into executive homes. Very little goes to waste because we have so little land to build on compared with your great expanses of open country in the States.

Nancy said...

Helen, me, too, on the old buildings. I just want to save them. Maybe that is something that would be a good volunteer job for me. I'm SO looking for one and I love buildings/houses.

Again, I have so many summer memories of Connecticut. It would be the best if we could (afford) to go visit around the museums and spots. Somehow I remember a place called "Mill Pond", Pennsylvania? Thankfully, you share your travels!