Sunday, January 03, 2010

Snowy day in New England...

It's snowing here...again. The actual temperature is 16F but the windchill factor make the "real feel" 9F.

So, we are in the for the day. In fact, except for brief excursions out to the store to shop, we have spent most of the weekend home. The roads are slippery; accidents are abundant. It is a good time to stay indoors.

Even Bear feels the cold! He is still wrapped up in his Christmas gift quilt! I rolled him over closer to the fireplace so he could enjoy the warmth. Hank, our Yorkie is asleep on a nearby chair. Do you think I could get even ONE more thing on the mantel?

We had "cafe mocha" and French bread for a late brunch. I mentioned to my husband that it reminded me of drinking hot chocolate and bread and butter as a child.
Sauce for pasta is simmering on the stove for much later.

Hope you are cozy wherever you are!

Happy Sunday!

...enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

it does look is supposed to snow here thursday and i can hardly wait...i have big snow plans...hope your new year is going well...i am so glad to have you as a friend....i always look forward to your posts to keep up with you and edie!!

April said...

Oh my....I want to be right there next to Bear and Hank...the mantel looks lovely...the entire scene could not be any more inviting! Mmmmmmmmmmm...I can smell the sauce cooking...what time do we eat?