Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Thingz...

Christina, over at Soul Aperture, is hosting "Simple Things." I hope you will pop over there and visit. She has made a most generous and kind offer for charity. I won't tell you though...go there and see!

One of the simple things that brought me joy this past week was a photo that I purchased by Christina. She donated it for Haiti relief on Etsy. These roses arrived on a rainy day and I set the photo in a window for the day. It will get a proper frame but I enjoyed it just as it was in the window. Why wait to enjoy it? Beautiful!

My simple things that make me happy and shape my life? In no particular order:

a grandchild's hug

my goofy little Yorkie who is always happy to see me

sharing my life with my husband

blogging friends

art, poetry, music

my weekly visit with an artist friend

peanut butter

hot coffee in the morning

day trips in New England

hearing from my adult daughters




the beauty of New England

my well worn kimonos

old friends

the ever-changing weather

Of course, there are many more things. My life is a jigsaw puzzle made of simple things.

Happy Wednesday!

...enjoy the day!


SE'LAH... said...

so glad your roses arrived right on time. such a beautiful list here.

one love.

Cyndy said...

Good morning, Helen, and thank you for your list. I thoroughly enjoyed your line about your jigsaw pieces of simple things that make the whole ~ yes! And lucky you with those roses!

ELK said...

oh wow this really is a great tribute...glad i popped over!

country girl said...

sharing your life with your husband and new england...100x yes!
thank you for sharing these sweet, simple things with me.
xo country girl

Char said...

beautiful thoughts...and yes, coffee.

christina is so beautiful to collect us all together

Christina said...

as soon as your photo popped up on my screen, i well up with tears. it's as though the roses belong in your home, the whole time. : )
"peanut butter" oh yes mam!

Yiota said...

sunrise, sunset, art, poetry, music.... they all speak to my heart

Teresa O said...

Oh how I miss New England and it's proximity to the Atlantic. What a wonderful gift to yourself, Christina's roses are gorgeous! A grandchild's unbelievable feeling.

Sherry said...

I love your list...and day trips...I adore those...just get in the car and go somewhere different, explore, see something new. Sheer bliss!!

I love that you are the one who purchased Christina's photo! When I went to see it, the photograph was already purchased and I wondered who bought it. It looks lovely in your home!

iasa said...

just reading your list made me happy!

marinik said...

a few on this list that make me smile as well :)

Ken said...

What a wonderful post.

Relyn said...

I love that you not only have kimonos, but that they are well worn. How wonderful.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love the phrase that you chose to describe your life Helen; " a jigsaw puzzle of simple things". I don't think your list is simple though. Perhaps it should be, but it is no simple thing to create a life such as yours, and to have the wisdom to accept the happiness that comes from such things. I think of the people of Haiti so often throughout my day, and simple things, takes on a whole new meaning.

The photograph is lovely.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I've just visited Christina's blog, Helen. It is stunningly beautiful, and brought tears to my eyes. To know such a person exists in this world. That's enough sometimes, isn't it?