Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little doll stuff...

My Bleuette dolls need their winter coats. It's a blustery morning with a howling wind. Aren't their coats wonderful? Eileen made them. You might know her from her blog but you should see her dolls!

See the tiny Santa one is holding? Every year I make and sell these tiny Santas as pins and and ornaments. They pins are about 3 inches tall. The original pattern was from Boni Fletcher. She no longer has a web site or I would post a link.

Here is a gift I can post because the recipient doesn't go on the computer. She gave me a Gail Wilson doll kit. I didn't use anything in the kit but the patterns since I already had everything here to make the doll. I am going to give her the doll for Christmas and also give her back the pattern so she can make one, too. I didn't use the clothing patterns but made my own and crocheted a little shawl. I had this wonderful antique button made of wood and metal for years in my button jar. The paint was mostly worn off the wood. It was perfect for her as a brooch on her dress.

Yesterday I completed my snail mail cards which totaled just a little over 100. I love snail mail cards and receive beautiful cards from people I have known for decades. I always figure that the people on my list are worth the cost of a stamp and a card. I know many people no longer snail mail cards. Do you?

Somehow or other, I am caught up and am ready to just kick back and enjoy the next few weeks. How about you? As always...

enjoy the day!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Your Doll turned out wonderful!!! Great Brooch idea too!!!!

Many Hugs,

April said...

The doll is Just beautiful!!! Oh my gosh, those fingers are amazing. Her outfit is charming and isn't it fun to have the perfect button. Wonderful shoes! And I didn't know you crochet!!!!! WOW!!!! And so nice to see the Bleuettes again...gorgeous coats!