Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few more from the weekend...

Hancock Shaker Village,

Hanckock Shaker Village, Hancock, MA

Hancock Shaker Village


A boat named Toot

Toot Close Up

The Blue Oar

This past weekend one of our favorite eateries closed for the season. The Blue Oar is located on the CT River and the view is wonderful. We will have to wait until next spring to enjoy the view and the food again.

We are so fortunate to live in a small state where we can get to most parts of New England within a few hours. We are inclined to take day trips and travel as much as we can on the weekends. We are not every extravagant and have an economical car, eat light meals in small eateries, avoid fast food, and enjoy the the landscapes on back country roads. We both come from a tradition of the "Sunday afternoon ride" in our childhoods. It is fun taking rides now. We try to schedule household chores around the trips. Our thought is to save indoor stuff for the days when weather prohibits roaming around and savor New England's beauty when we can.

Back to a day at home with happy memories to think about!

Enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

you are my inspiration for wanting to explore the eastern seaboard this spring. want to rent an RV and just explore..please email me any suggestions of things i shouldn't miss. have you been to Nova Scotia? or

cookievf said...
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cookievf said...

(fixed a type-o)
Such GREAT pics. Oh I loved your post! It was so nice to read about someone that loves to take a drive and go exploring. I-am-overdue-for-one. Also, I hadn't thought about all those childhood sunday drives in a while. It's a very warm memory and made me smile.

I live in norwestern CT, am in love with where I live and take my camera everywhere! Covered bridges, old buildings, barns, stone walls, clapboard, farmhouses, nature dressed in her Fall Colors! You inspired me to offload some pics I shot yesterday after my morning walk... our first frost!

In the midst of an overhaul in my art room, so haven't been blogging much lately (couldn't get to the computer). I plan to get back to posting SOON and share some pics, but please drop by anyway for a peek :: smile ::

April said...

Helen-everytime you post the gorgeous photos I can't believe this is where you actually live! It always looks like a destination for a lovely holiday. Arkansas is beautiful too right now- since the weather is cooling off. It's so much fun to see different parts of the country. And it's fun to see what you are seeing and experience a pretty piece of your life.