Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn in New England

How was your weekend? Ours was too short!

Here are some images from the weekend. Today I will show you a few, but I have more I will share this week. A perfect fall weekend! This group was taken in Vermont.

This looks peaceful but the Vermont Country Store was so mobbed we couldn't stay long. We stayed long enough to buy delicious Vermont cheddar to take home.

Vermont Country Store

Vermont in October

Pictorial perfect! Hilariously, when we pulled over to take the photo, other card stopped, too. We caused a mini traffic jam. The leaf peepers were out in record numbers on such a beautiful day.

Autumn leaves

My beloved Belties are showing up everywhere.

Belties in the fall

Have to be out the door early today so I must be on my way.

Happy Columbus day...

Enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

awesome, just awesome. i'm thinking about taking our next vacation in a rented rv and traveling up the eastern seaboard, to ultimately culminate in nova scotia. what do you think? any areas that i "must see"? we will probably go in may of next year....please email me your recommendations.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Oh, good point. I bet that country store was crowded. The Cabot store down the road has been so full we just pop in quickly to get our cheese. They always have something on sale.

Great pics.

We have to conserve tremendously to live among the foliage so unless we are going to the store, no road trips for "peeping" for us. Still, it is all around our home.