Friday, August 07, 2009

Billings Mausoleum




Monument close up

Victorian excess...

in Stonington, CT, and is visited for its ornate statuary. The little chapel is part of the cemetery but the elaborate mausoleum was built by the Billings family. It had (or may still have) fabulous stained glass windows.

We have passed this cemetery for decades and always meant to check it out. We knew that people go there to photograph it even in the winter and especially in the fall. It was on this road that part of the movie "Mystic Pizza" was filmed.

The sky was not blue yesterday and it was hazy. It's hard for me to get crisp photographs when the sky is so white. I think we will return on a better day and explore it a little more. It is immense.

On a different note, we have seen an abundance of alpacas and llamas this summer. I think they have become popular pets. Can there be anything cuter than these alpacas grazing? They were photographed here. They are sporting summer crew cuts and they are looking lamb like and adorable.

Alpaca herd

Black alpaca

Our travels have been curtailed for the morning because Hank has to have his annual vet visit. We may get in a little more travel though...before the weekend is over.

Have a wonderful weekend,
enjoy the day!


AngelMc said...

oohh belties, oohh alpacas, and really ooooohhhh cemeterys. i think maybe i love cemeterys so because i feel like i grew up in them and storm cellars, between bad weather and homecomings and dinner on the ground and at family reunions you always had to visit the cemetery......

Eli said...

Living in 'old' England I'm learning a lot about New England from different blogs which is great. I'm quite amazed at how similar our summers have been. You seem to have suffered a similar number rainy days and hazy skies. No wonder the early settlers felt at home there.

molly jean said...

I wonder if Ruskin ever saw weather like we have on the plains: hail, tornadoes, blizzards, and days of HOT dry wind from the south that feels like someone left open an oven!

It is nice to travel to New England via blog! Your photos are beautiful. Seeing the waterfall was refreshing. I agree that the alpacas are so cute! And I love spinning, knitting, and felting with their fibers.