Thursday, August 06, 2009


Imagine coming around the corner into a bunch of napping Belties? If you read this blog, you know how obsessed I am with the Belted Galloway cow fondly referred to in some circles as an Oreo cookie cow. They actually come in milk chocolate, too, as you can see in one photo. Two years ago I had never seen one and now they are lurking around every turn in the road! This particular group was napping in the shade. Whenever I can get close to them, they are very sweet and let me take their photos.

We have spent many days on back country roads and there are so many photo ops. But, I don't like to photograph any homes and/or people without permission so I am sticking mostly nature scenes. Come winter, I will love looking back at these hazy summer days and the deep rich greens of this New England summer. Below is a farm we visit often that sells the sweetest corn we have ever tasted. They bring it into the city to sell, but we like to visit the farm nestled in the Litchfield Hills.

Must get going here as we are leaving shortly. After a few very hot and hazy days, we are expecting cooler temperatures for a few, we are happy!

Hope that you are happy, too...

and enjoy the day!

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