Monday, July 06, 2009

Good Monday morning!

The happy traveling-around-week is over and now it is back to the daily grind.

The sun shone all weekend. Animals and people were everywhere enjoying summer.

These deer were by the side of the road and I didn't want to get our of the car to take the photos so it is blurry. They looked so mystical and lovely in the shade. We saw dozens and dozens of deer in the past week...some nibbling in gardens and lots of little Bambi babies with their spotted backs. Notice how everything is so green?

Ditto with wild turkeys. They are everywhere and in large numbers. They frequently fly up on to the house tops and roost. It is hard to imagine what a large flock of turkeys sounds like on a roof! They have large broods of chicks and no natural predators so they are abundant in fields and scratching for seeds along side roads.

We said good-bye to the week near the Thimble Islands.

The breeze came up and it was a great finish to a week that started with violent storms, segued into a rain and fog, and ended up gloriously dry and sunny with a lovely cool breeze.

Have a good Monday...

enjoy the day!


Eileen said...

your wildlife pictures are so nice!

AngelMc said...

The pix are beautiful. Turkeys on the roof--David would be in paradise--we see turkeys in the back yard--but on the
Oh and I couldn't help but notice the KVZ purse--you turned me on to Kathy VanZeeland purses way back on yahoo. I now have 3 because a BFF likes them too and is a super shopper--gets them on sale and actually got me one for $20 because it was on sale and she had a store coupon to boot!!! Whoo hoo!!!