Friday, July 10, 2009

Al Fresco....

One of the delights of summer is dining al fresco. I have always maintained that if I don't eat outdoors a few times over the summer, I really haven't experienced summer.

Of course, we eat on our deck but nothing beats the wonderful meals served at churches in the summer.For many years I traveled to an island in Maine and partook of New England Boiled Dinners, Baked Bean Suppers and Clambakes. (We also enjoy picnics and takeout food when we are traveling around and can eat outdoors three seasons of the year.) But we didn't have to travel to Maine to find a lovely dining place and a great meal.

The Menu

The Dining Room

The view

The View in the Other Direction

So what did I have for dinner? New England clam chowder and a warm lobster roll. For the uninitiated, a hot lobster roll is served in some parts of New England on a mundane spit hot dog roll. It consists of lobster meat and clarified butter and nothing else. It is beautiful in its simplicity, pricey and caloric. Cold lobster rolls might have mayo, celery and spices.

A perfect lobster roll must consist of lobster that is cooked to perfection because over cooking can cause it to become rubbery. I hadn't eaten a lobster roll in a decade, but the beautiful evening and ambiance required it. I will be eating salad for the next week to compensate but it was worth it! It was beautiful evening and a fun splurge for a good cause.

The weekend is nearly here. It went down to 49F degrees last night. It required hauling out a blanket for the bed. It was "good sleeping weather" as we call it around here.

Enjoy the day!

Enjoy the weekend!

Indulge in a summer splurge!


AngelMc said...

beautiful pix...49 degrees!!!! you have got to be kidding me. it has been soooo hot down here, but it hasn't been in the high 90s so i feel like we have had a little break.

molly jean said...

My mouth is watering, the view is wonderful, but I most envy the cool nights! We have had more humidity lately which is good because we have had some rain but bad because the nights don't cool down as much. Nights are when I most want to be cool!

crimsoncat05 said...

wonderful photos of a great summer!!

paris parfait said...

Oh, what a view! sounds like the perfect dinner.