Friday, May 15, 2009

What I found...

We had perfect weather for Brimfield. The high temperature was around 70 with a constant breeze. I took those two photos when we got there and never took out the camera again. Five thousand vendors and more than a dozen huge fields and huge crowds!

We walked from 9:00 a.m until a little after 5:00 p.m. sitting down once to grab a bite to eat. Even at that, only covered a couple of fields. If you love antiques and collectibles, this is one of the premiere flea markets!

My friends bought larger and heavier objects: a life sized goat sculpture, a cast iron mermaid. We carried these around in carts with us. My purchases were very small. The tiny Raggedy Ann and Andy, the tiny quilt, the wooden spools, and the old cotton batting chick were part of my finds. (Not too heavy to carry!)

There were so many wonderful antiques, paintings, things to see and love. The vendors are really nice, the crowd very upbeat and the array of items is astonishing. No wonder it is a vacation destination for so many! It is like a chronicle of everything that was ever made and an encyclopedia of things past. It is located just outside of historic Sturbridge, MA.

The weekend is just about here. It is raining again. We usually spend part of Saturday going to soccer games this time of year. Not sure about travel this weekend. The picket fence is one third of the way finished and the weather is a factor in getting it finished.

I have a busy day ahead and a few things to accomplish. Enjoy YOUR day and your weekend, too!


AngelMc said...

Paradise for a junktiquer like me.

HiHo said...

I have always wanted to make the's on my bucket list for sure. It's hard to take pictures when real life is happening, better to have enjoyed the day. Be back soon. heidi