Friday, May 01, 2009

Care for a cookie?

My doll club is having a Teddy bear tea party in a few weeks. The bears needed something to eat so I cut out some goodies from felt. There is a real fad for felt food and lots of patterns available. I needed them to be about the size of a quarter so I just just made my own patterns. I purposely left them a little rough around the edges because I wanted a more "homemade" look. I also fringed some red gingham for a table cloth.

My friend and I swapped jig saw paper dolls again last week. The challenge is to use a few pieces to make the body. This one has three: one for the head, one for the upper torso and one for the lower torso. I used a magazine photo for the face and lots of glitter and feathers. We have been swapping art pieces for several years. It is amazing when I look at all we have accomplished. Left to our own devices, I am sure that we would not have tried so many art forms.


The weekend is here and it could be rainy. It has been very dry this spring and lawns that have been barely green are already turning brown. The lilacs are not quite open but we can smell them already. The neighborhood is full of lilacs so it is really wonderful when the windows are open.

Enjoy the day! Hope that you have an enjoyable weekend. We are taking a long weekend and have plenty to do around here but I am sure there will be some destination that calls to us!


Eileen said...

These little desserts look so tempting. I didn't realize that WAS a quarter in the picture until I clicked it bigger. Very clever and artistic. Love the paper doll too.

We have been having rain rain rain. Things are so lush. Hope it comes your way soon too, and gives all your plants a drink.

HiHo said...

how great if you could come by the shop, I would love to give you a tour. Hank can come too, I'm sure Humphrey would be on his best behavior. Heidi