Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet viburnum....

One of the sweetest scents in the world is the fragrance of sweet viburnum. If the fragrance could be bottled, it would be a heady scent of spices. We planted one last year and it has blossomed in the intense heat of the past few days. Ours is just a small shrub so far, but it could grow as tall as 20 feet eventually. I had one in a previous residence that I kept pruned to six feet and it would have hundreds of blooms each year.

It was great attractor of bees and butterflies but it was not unusual to see many hummingbirds, too. It was near a window and the house would be filled with fragrance. I had a friend who would come every year and take a blossom and put in in her car's visor for the day as it was her favorite scent. Once picked, they don't last long.

It was 90F yesterday and dropped to 49F last night. At one point in the afternoon it was 86F in our house. Like most New Englanders, we would not dream of turning on a/c in April but we did drag out the fans. The heat was nauseating! We keep our thermostat at 65F in the winter, so we are not used to so much heat so soon. As everybody I know predicted, everything has bloomed at once, and the leaves are on the trees. The lilacs should open fully today.

We return today to spring where the normal temperate is about 60F during the day and around 40F at night. I had to get up and close the windows last night since it turned extremely blustery and the wind was cold.

Yesterday was not a good day to get things done. It felt like a mid-August dog day. Today, I have much catching up to do. Whatever you choose to do today...

enjoy your day!

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