Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whimsical paper dolls....

Here are some recent paper dolls I made. They are not the traditional dolls cut from paper--which I love and loved as a child.

You know those wooden dolls that you see in dollar stores and craft stores? Well, you can turn them into art dolls using paint and trims. This is one that I exchanged with a friend.

The middle doll's head and torso are made from jigsaw puzzle pieces which I altered with paint. Her limbs are a chipboard and she is held together by brads. Yarns and ribbons complete her ensemble.

The little "spun cotton" doll is about 5 inches tall. She is composed of cotton over pipe cleaners and has a pressed paper clay face. I have been experimenting with making old fashioned ornaments. In my research, I have found different methods and different looks.

Still looking for whimsy and trying to create it whenever I can. Another friend and I are making Gail Wilson historical dolls and my doll is complete and waiting for me to make her some clothes. And....there will be another smaller sock monkey very soon.....

Enjoy your day!


The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Such delightful creations and such fun.
Thanks for your comment on my blog a while back - I am just catching up with the blogging world.
I look forward to visiting you again.
Sandi :)

AngelMc said...

You never ever fail to amaze me and make me have taken paper dolls to a different and awesome level. I too loved paper dolls as a child......

Mrs. Staggs said...

Each of these is so different from the other, and very creative, Helen. What fun!

I once made a snowman from spun cotton, and posed him to sit in a chair. I painted on his clothes, instead of my usual way of dressing a spun cotton figure, which is in crepe paper. I was pleasantly surprised at how he turned out. I'll have to see if I can find him. I used pipe cleaners for the body, under the cotton, and sealed him, so he would hold together a little better, after I painted him.
I enjoyed that project, and you've reminded me of it. Thank you.

Thank you too, for your kind birthday thoughts. I appreciate them, very much.

Linda said...

Hello! I loved paper dolls, too, when I was a child. It was wonderful play. I've made paper dolls since and dressed them more traditionally than yours with scrapbook paper skirts and tops. I had lots of fun making them for my Christmas tree. I still put them up each Christmas. Take care and keep posting your inspirational stuff. Linda