Friday, April 24, 2009

And then there were four...

And a Gail Wilson doll waiting for clothes..

And a tiny needle felted bunny...

This past week was busy and I was also able to work on a few things. The newest monkey is 1 3/4" tall. I don't think I could make one smaller. The newest is made of wool. I will try the same size in silk soon.

A doll making friend gave me a Gail Wilson kit. She is making the "NY doll" and I am making the historical doll #1. I am going to change the color of the dress though. Since my doll is modest, she asked for the shawl for the photo shoot. I found her pantaloons at doll club last week in a large box of doll clothes being sold. They are slightly short but wonderfully made.

Some of you know that I draw and paint tiny whimsical figures and most of them say "be happy." I have been drawing them for many, many years. I was thinking it would be fun to try a needle felted bunny in the style of my characters. Bunny is a little under 3 inches tall. I am probably going to sew a pin back on him and wear him sometime.

It is 36 degrees this morning and will be 80 tomorrow may go to 90 degrees on Sunday. We have spent the last six months going to indoor soccer games every weekend and now the grands will be playing outdoors. I do NOT like it being so warm so soon. The leaves are not out on the trees and there is no shade. I must stay entirely covered when out in the in the sun and will be feeling very warm. I have a huge collection of summer hats for the sun. Today I must find them and also find other summer clothes that were put away for the winter.

Thanks for you comments this week. It's nice to know that people are reading. Otherwise, it is like having a party without guests!

Enjoy your day...and enjoy the weekend!


Prim's by Kim said...

Love those lil monkey's!!

Christine LeFever said...

No way! Are those adorable sock monkeys wool felted? And that wee rabbit is so cute. I have done a little felting and miss it. You have re-inspired me! I also have many wonderful Gail Wilson kits including the one you show. She is finished and hanging at the end of my upstairs hallway with other dear primitive dolls and things.

Yes, your weather has been rather odd of late, so I do wish you the best with all of those rapid changes.

And I love all of my darling ATC's that you send to me!

You are never alone dear Helen. I am amazed at how many people visit blogs but don't leave comments. Shy I suppose. I have Sitemeter and Feedjit and they monitor many daily visits whereas the comments left are few.



AngelMc said...

I love your blog and I love the pictures of all your dolls and crafts. The sock monkeys are just too cute for words......and like Ms LeFever said, you are never alone, I'm always stopping by to see what you have been up to.....I'm always amazed.

Anonymous said...

Adorable yes I found on my beach!