Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter continues...

This morning it is 18 degrees and quite windy. My dolls are still in their winter coats and so am I. I love winter but this has been an long, cold snowy winter so far. It will be nice to go outside without so many layers of clothes on when spring arrives.

Not that I look as good as these dolls...I don't. But, winter coats are occupying a lot of space in our house as well other
accouterments like boots, hats, mittens, gloves and scarves so I am always looking at them. And...I always look forward to the day this stuff gets put away until the next winter.

If you live where it is very cold in the winter and the weather is really unpredictable, every family member will have a dress coat, a parka, an early spring coat, a raincoat, gloves, hats, mittens, scarves and boots. Fashionistas will have more than one of each kind and teen aged girls will have an assortment of winter footwear that defies description. All of this stuff needs to be lugged out around Halloween and hopefully returned to storage around Easter.

We will not even go into sweaters, sweatshirts, winter sleepwear, and any clothes one might need for winter sports. Yes, it would be nice to have some warmer weather soon.

The winter continues...enjoy your day!


Ani said...

Oooh how fun, what a great group of dolly pix. They all look so warm and cherry, well except that Dreary girl - think she'll ever crack a smile?! :-D The Bleuettes are a favorite of mine. My girls have been neglected of late, they must have new spring outfits or I'll be a bad Mom! Best, Ani

Anonymous said...

These dolls are fabulous and so well-dressed!