Thursday, January 29, 2009

A project or two....

My friend and I are trading pets on blocks this week. Above you see a very miniaturized version of Hank, my Yorkie, on an old toy block embellished with paper. I have a few more embellishments to add but have to wait for for some glue to dry.

We were inspired by and article in this magazine called "puppy love."

I have been thinking a lot about felt animals since April sent me Mr. Rat. T. Rat. Yesterday I made him a companion. Not sure where this will all lead. Somehow, I think that baby rodents are NOT in the future.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have had yet another bad storm. Everything is coated with ice and slippery. It is pretty in its own way but very difficult to navigate by foot.

I know that some of my readers are in much warmer climates where there is no snow at all. Right now, I find that hard to imagine. In the past 24 hours, our furnace went out. It was repaired rapidly within three hours much to our surprise. The prospect of being without heat too long was frightening. On Saturday , the water mains on our street froze and were without water for 12 hours. We take conveniences for granted and miss them so badly when they are on the fritz.

Thanks for dropping by this hodgepodge world of DollzandThingz. Enjoy the day wherever you are, whatever the weather!


Eileen said...

I do like how you glued the little wooden balls at the bottom of the block. But I don't think I could bear putting paper on any of mine.

You would not believe.. but my verification word for the last comment was "bear cu".. and for this one was "aprill" :-D

Ani said...

Awww, those are the cutest lil' ratties and LOVE the pincushions in the background too! Sorry to hear you're having such problems because of Mother Nature, such snow I can't imagine where I live, we only have lots of sand. Spring will be here before you know it so keep up the spirits till then! Best, Ani

AngelMc said...

I wonder if you get tired of me telling you how much I enjoy your pictures/blog. We have a mouse that has moved in to our garage. He lives in David's boot. Seems he found the corn in the corner of the garage and has been there ever since. It is a beautiful sun shiny day here, and I wish it was snowing!! I did here on the weather report that we might have some Monday. I can only wish.