Monday, December 08, 2008

Postcards from NYC....

Window shopping! Bryant Park! Roses in December near the skating rink in Bryant Park. All part of a shopping day in the city.

NYC was mobbed with shoppers and the wind was gusting to 25 mph. The show at Radio City Music Hall exceeded my expectations by a thousand percent. I loved it! I felt like a child again and filled with wonder. Wearing 3-D glasses, it felt like Santa was flying over the audience. The special effects are really over the top!

A trip to NYC has really revived my holiday spirit. I could feel my eyes tear up at the show as I remembered shows from holidays past and events and people in my life. Some of those people are gone now, but one can still carry memories in one's heart.

More images to follow soon. Have a busy day ahead and must get going early today, but I will be thinking a lot about sights and sounds of the city today. Enjoy your Monday!

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Eileen said...

So much color.. from the windows to the people's clothes. What a place!