Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lots of snow...

It is still quite dark outside, but I can see lots of snow out the window. I am thinking maybe 8 inches or more. The snow storm is not over, however. It will turn to rain and ice and then turn back to snow again later today. It started in the afternoon yesterday and just kept on snowing. (Every time it snows I think of Winnie the Pooh..."the more it snows, the more it keeps on snowing....tiddly pom.")

For retailers who are already struggling in my area, these huge storms cannot be welcome. Normally, we don't see too much snow around here until January. It has been a decade since we had a white Christmas here. When I was younger, we had abundant snow throughout December. The past decade it has been too warm to snow. Well, it is very pretty, but it will ruin plans for weddings, shopping, parties, etc. The airports from Chicago to New England were closed yesterday. Today will be a massive shoveling out and there will be fender benders for sure.

I occupied myself with making a few things yesterday. One of them is the paper pennant/banner. They are all over the Internet these days and I have seen many beautiful pennants in books as well. A pattern really isn't necessary. Just cut diamond shapes from any paper and fold them and glue. Leave space at the top to thread them on ribbon or string and add beads and decorations if you want too. This is a tiny one--the "flags" are only two inches or so. You can also just make triangles, punch hole in the top and string them, too.

Today we will dig out. I plan on making soup in the crock pot and creating a gift for a friend. She is also a paper artist and we exchange paper items every week. That is why I made the pennant above. We are also exchanging art dolls and I have sketched mine but not sewn it yet.

Have a lovely day today. I have so few readers, I am not sure who I am speaking to and where you might live. But, some of you must have winter weather. So, I say travel safely, stay warm and enjoy the day!


Eileen said...

That is SO pretty.

Well I thought you'd be sewing that doll all day yesterday but here you were playing with paper flag. :-D I have a pile of stuff to finish this morning and I keep finding other things I want to do!

You got a LOT of snow. Be careful.

molly jean said...

I love your banner idea as a Christmas ornament!

molly jean said...

I knew about the dolls but didn't know you are a painter and paper artist, too!

a painter said...

Hi, Molly! My background is in fine art--then graphic design--but playing with paper has been a lifelong pursuit!

Christine LeFever said...

Bon jour, Helen! And, thank you with all my heart for the darling artists' trading cards! I've still not managed to take the time to make any.

We're snowed in with more coming down and it's beautiful. It's very unusual for snow before January in The Willamette Valley, Oregon. It's simply all global warming as to why everything is topsy turvy weatherwise. Nonetheless, I'm so enjoying this beauty.