Friday, December 19, 2008

A cautionary tale....

I wasn't really going to blog today but I felt I should honor my own commitment to this cautionary tale.

Yesterday I walked up to the post office--three long blocks straight up hill.

When I arrived there, I held the door for an elderly and somewhat disabled man with a cane. He sort of propped the door open for a man behind him carrying a shopping bag.

"Thank you, " said the younger man.

"Don't thank me, thank her....I could not get the door open."

As I walked down the steps to the lobby, the second man shoved past me, brushing my coat as he went by. He rushed to get ahead of us in line! I was totally annoyed and surprised by this. He turned around and gave me a big smile as if to say, "look what I did!"

I said to him, " do know what the Internet is? Do you know what a blog is?"

"Oh, yes!" he replied with great enthusiasm.

"Good...because I have one, and tomorrow you will be in it...for running ahead of me and this gentleman in line after I held the door for you. That is just amazing to me!"

Well, of course, other people heard it and there was some snickering. I then stepped out of line and let several people in front of me since I didn't want to stand next to such an obnoxious individual.

I heard him tell somebody that he was " really in a hurry." Maybe he was hoping others would let HIM get in front of them. I wonder what he though the rest of us were? Chopped liver? I really do not normally encounter ungentlemanly like behavior in my life. If this grinch had apologized--or even said he was in a hurry--or asked to go ahead--it would have been far better, in my opinion. I normally don't allow people to get to me in lines, either. Whenever anybody asks me to go ahead in a grocery store, I think it is fine if they only have a few things. I must be getting old.

So, that is my tale.
On the way out, I stopped to put money in the Salvation Army kettle. The retired guys who were volunteering were so different than the person in a hurry.

One of them ran over to open the door for an elderly woman. I just hoped for the best for that person as she went down the stairs. I hoped that nobody would knock her down to get ahead of her in line.

Big snow storm on the way today. Hope that you have a good day and that you encounter only polite individuals!


molly jean said...

I am also concerned about the speed and selfishness of some in today's world. There are so many rushing through the amber lights and even the red! More than I noticed a few years ago. I am afraid or rather cautious about stopping quickly if someone is close behind me!

I had a very pleasant grocery shopping experience yesterday, even though I was expecting it to be unpleasant! So many polite, "Excuse me," "go ahead" etc, smiles and cheerful conversations with strangers.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Peng Peng said...

I can't help but chuckle... we ALL have had those sour experiences at the post office. If i only had a dime for every time someone... well, I'd be a rich girl. lol! Sorry to hear that happened to ya. I always use click n' ship for priority mail.. i wish they had it for 1st class too, our lives would be a lot easier! :)))