Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Artist made gifts that I received....

I received some wonderful artist made gifts this year and wanted to share some of them with you. It has been so overcast, I have not been able to get the best photos but I did give it a try. You can click on the photos to make them larger and see more details.

The bracelet is in sterling silver with crystal and marble beads. The designer is also my daughter. Her work is beautiful and usually much more ornate than this but she knows my taste. I am a bracelet lover and I only wear earth colors so she knows exactly what I like to wear.

Ike Putney made the camel for me for Christmas but she made the raggedy doll for me earlier this year. I love these! The camel's head turns and he is so cute! I have him near the computer. Ike has some very cute traditional doll patterns at her site and she is a frequent contributor to Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine where she writes a column.

Eileen's owls were a big hit this year. The birds are just as cute. I will be hanging them up permanently after I dissemble holiday decor after New Year's. I have other wondrous things Eileen has made over the years, too. She is really a wonderful needle worker. Sometime I will have to show the doll she made me years ago. We share a love of dolls and doll clothes.

That paper doll with her coupons, ATC cards, dolls and Kathy Z hand bag is yours truly! See my Yorkie? My friend Carole and I were taking a walk one day when she snapped the photo. Pretty clever! She made the pin and the book, too. Every page in the book has a message, is embellished, and is work of art. Sometimes she sells these books on eBay...but they are priceless.

The weather has turned colder and winter has returned. Today I am off to IKEA which is not very far from here. It's the best place to walk around in cold weather and also a fun place to have lunch.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my gifts by talented artists/artisans.

Enjoy the day whatver the weather and wherever you go!


Eileen said...

You're not kidding.. Carole's paper doll is fabulous! I love it! and Ike's camel.. simply priceless. That is not an easy figure to make.. Raggedy Ann's Camel-With-The-Wrinkled-Knees. And his head turns. AWESOME.
You did receive some wonderful gifts this year. I think your friends and family know you pretty good.

Maggie R said...

I just had a tour of your blog..... Love it!
So many interesting pictures and projects. I signed on so I can return.... Come visit me..
Happy New Year..

AngelMc said...

love it love it love it. after i hinted like crazy, my daughter got me a kathy vanzeeland purse for Christmas. I just happend to hint that they were on sale at Belks........you are right, they are wonderful.

paris parfait said...

Such delightful treats!